Storage has become an inseparable element of modern garages. Apart from cars, they are now used to store outdoor games and toys, occasionally used items, yard supplies, sports gear and equipment, books, seasonal clothing, holiday decoration, bikes, and car supplies. Overhead racks, pegboards, wall panels, and hooks contribute towards organizing the garage space and aids in locating things quickly and effortlessly. Another effective and popular garage storage solution that makes it appear tidier and safer is cabinets.

Garage cabinets offer an effective option to keep things out of plain sight, protecting them from dust and grime usually present in garages. Homeowners can also keep valuables, fragile items, and hazardous materials safely locked up in a cabinet. Garage cabinets are available in varied materials, designs, and colors to fit every budget. The biggest mistake that people make while shopping for them is to buy the cheapest garage cabinet they find in the market.

If you are planning to furnish the garage and contemplating buying cheap, low-quality cabinets, here are a few reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t:

They are not durable

The biggest reason not to buy cheap garage cabinets is that they won’t last long. They are made using thin materials and are not durable enough. You will have to reinvest in cabinets over and over again. Cabinet manufacturing companies use a slim or lightweight cabinet backing, to save money and keep costs low. It makes the cabinets worthless in storing bulky items as they are unable to take much weight.

They won’t stand the hostile garage environment

Garages in most homes are exposed to the elements. Cheap garage cabinets, made from inferior materials, can’t endure temperature fluctuation, and the humidity and moisture levels garages are susceptible to and will eventually dry rot, warp, bend, or rust.

They will rip off the wall

Weak and low-quality cabinets will find it tough to be on the wall for a long time. There is always a probability of it becoming loose and falling off the wall, causing damage to the car or hurting a family member. Buying cheap garage cabinets is not worth the risk.

They spoil the aesthetics

Cheap garage cabinets look flimsy and lack the attractiveness and elegance of the cabinets made from heavy-duty materials. They look out of place and spoil the garage’s look. Moreover, if you are planning to put up the house for sale anytime soon, the low-grade garage cabinets are unlikely to impress potential buyers.

They don’t come with a warranty

Cheap garage cabinets either come with a short warranty or none at all. By the time problems begin to arise, the warranty might have expired, and you will have no choice but to buy replacement cabinets. With heavy-duty cabinets, you can even find cabinets with a lifetime warranty.

Types of inexpensive garage cabinets to avoid

Here are the types of garage cabinets you need to avoid buying:

  • Plastic cabinets
  • Garage cabinets made from cheap metal
  • DIY cabinets with construction required

Cabinets can transform the look of a garage. Choosing these low-cost options may eventually cost you more in repairs and replacements. They are not designed to take the kind of beating that being in the garage may expose them to.

The garage is a space that sees a lot of rough use, and installing high-quality cabinets will only enhance the functionality and save space. So, if you want to install cabinets in your garage, don’t get enticed by the low prices of cheap garage cabinets and avoid falling into the trap in a bid to save some money. There is no substitute for investing in heavy-duty garage cabinets. Choose the material and thickness wisely to avoid buying replacement cabinets in a short span.

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