Turn garage into yoga studio

With yoga’s boom in popularity around the world, it comes as no surprise that it’s spreading far and wide even across the good old US of A. California is the 6th most yoga-obsessed state in the country, with a great explosion of yoga studios built at every corner. Though many of them may have shut down because of the statewide lockdown policies – several of them may have made it.

In fact, San Francisco was the first airport to have a yoga room in its waiting terminals. San Diego also has a booming yoga scene, even the local schools are adding yoga to the school day curriculum.

The point is, odds are high that you love yoga especially if you live in Scripps Ranch, La Jolla, or any other surrounding areas in San Diego. And who can blame you? The moment you enter your favorite yoga studio, you instantly feel a sense of complete tranquility and calmness.

The good news is, you don’t have to step outside your house to experience that calm. You can create your very own yoga studio right inside your garage.

Setting Up A Yoga Studio Inside a San Diego Garage

The setup of your studio and garage cabinets can impact the quality of your yoga practice. Lighting, temperature, and color choices can play a big role in how you perform your exercises. The garage is a good spot for practicing yoga because it usually has enough room for you to store your equipment and exercise. In our experience, a well-lit and well-ventilated garage is a must for an enjoyable yoga studio.

Here are the factors that can help you transform your cluttered, boring-looking garage storage system in San Diego into a yoga studio.


With yoga, the temperature in the room must be just right – not too warm and not too cold. If the garage is too hot and humid, it will pose danger to your health in the form of dehydration and heat exhaustion. If the temperature is too low, it will impact your flexibility.

To get the right temperature, consider installing drywall and insulation if your garage is not yet sealed. You can use weatherstripping to cover the gaps and cracks, to avoid the space getting too drafty. The key is to make sure you are comfortable and are able to maintain a natural flow while you are holding the poses.

Find a level that allows you to comfortably flow through your exercises. Too hot of temperature and you risk dehydration and physical exhaustion. On the other side, if it’s too cold, your body will tense up and your flexibility will be affected. Pick a level that wakes up your muscles.


Your yoga floor should be durable so it can withstand the impact on your body on a daily basis. If you are looking for an affordable yet long-lasting option, Garage Excell’s epoxy garage flooring – that comes with a lifetime warranty by the way – is an excellent option. Polyaspartic epoxy has a warm texture and can be customized to look like real wood. It also helps in reducing the noise, which is an advantage when playing music or hosting group sessions.

Lighting & Color

Good lighting is essential to enhance the look of your garage yoga studio. The standard fluorescent bulbs found in most garages in La Jolla won’t cut it for yoga. Consider a bunch of candles or a relaxing floor lamp to create the perfect mood.

Most practitioners find natural lighting more favorable for practicing yoga as it brings feelings of oneness and balance with nature. Large windows and a garage door with a glass front will let natural light in, plus it will give you a scenic view. But then some yoga enthusiasts prefer to meditate in a dimmed space with softer light. Lighting is really a matter of your personal preference.

Several studies have indicated that color has a direct impact on mood. When you are practicing yoga, you want to enter a state of calmness and serenity, a feeling where you are one with nature. This can be easily done by picking colors that have a welcoming effect like sunny yellows, cool greens, and warm whites.

You also want to pick colors that soothing on the eyes; bright, bold, or jeweled tones are ideally not a good idea for a yoga studio. Generally speaking, green, indigo, and blue colors are considered good for relaxing and calming the chakras. Think about how certain colors make you feel.


You can do yoga without any equipment at all. It’s an ancient healing practice of body and mind, and only requires your flexibility and core strength. But there are tools and equipment you can use to make your poses perfectly aligned and more comfortable. This includes:

  • Yoga mat; so you can get into positions safely and comfortably
  • Belt; if you are a beginner and are still struggling to maintain poses
  • Blankets; to be used as support during lying and sitting positions
  • Straps; if you want to perform bound poses, especially those where you need to hold onto your limbs but can’t reach them
  • Blocks; so you can improve your alignment with the standing poses

Make sure your garage cabinets have a dedicated spot to keep all these accessories, so they are easy to reach when you are exercising.

Interior Décor 

Indoor plants, scented candles, diffusers, or incense will complete the look of your garage yoga studio – and at the same time, help you incorporate aromatherapy into your practice. Scents help in creating a calming and welcoming environment.

Also consider placing a statue, a picture, or any other shelf ornament that best represents your intention. You should also buy some floor pillows on which you can sit during your meditations for added comfort. A floor-to-ceiling or full-length mirror will be useful in checking if you have proper alignment and if you are doing the postures correctly.

Most people don’t think big-screen TV is conducive to a yoga studio but it can be really helpful if you are a newbie or want to improve with informative yoga tutorials. If this is you, install a video projector or a TV so you can watch instructional videos with lifelike clarity.

But remember, less is more when you’re creating a peaceful yoga corner. You don’t want to be distracted by flashy items that draw your attention away from your practice.

Design Your Garage Yoga Studio With Garage Excell

Regardless of what you want your garage to be – a yoga studio or an office – the first step will be to straighten up the mess and sort out your garage storage situation.

Are you currently using your garage storage system to house clutter and junk that hasn’t been used in years? If so, you’ll probably need help with clearing out the area and have your belongings properly organized inside a well-made garage cabinet system. Thankfully, that’s what we at Garage Excell specialize in!

We can clear out the clutter, install high-quality flooring, paint the walls, handle wiring, and essentially spruce up your old, unfinished garage and turn it into an upscale yoga studio. If you’re looking for garage cabinet ideas for your yoga studio or have any questions, write to us online or call us at 877-573-6637.