Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Garage Cabinets, Floors and Slatwalls.

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Epoxy Flooring

How long does Epoxy flooring take to install?

Epoxy flooring can take 2-3 days for our professional installers to prepare and pour your new epoxy floor.

If you have an older house, expect the process to take 3 days as a water barrier needs to be added – This isn’t the case for newer builds with an existing water barrier.

What is the curing time for Epoxy floors once installed?

There are variations based on your location and size of pour – the general rule is 1 week to complete cure. However, the floors can generally be walked on after 12 hours and driven on after a few days.

Are there different colors and styles available?

There sure are, review our epoxy page to view them – click here

Custom Garage Cabinets

How long does the cabinet install take?

Cabinets can be installed in 1 day. If you are also looking for epoxy flooring, the cabinets can be installed after the flooring has cured.

Slatwall and Accessories

What sizes are available?

Our installers can customize the slatwalls to meet your 3D design. From small gaps to covering entire walls, slatwalls can be used to utilize any space.


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