Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Garage Cabinets, Floors and Slatwalls.

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What do I Need to Get Started?

How do I book a free design and consultation?

Simply call us at (877) 573 6637 and our scheduler will find the best date and time for one of our professional designers to come visit you in your garage and provide a 100% free consultation and design. Alternatively, you can fill in the FORM above or text us on (858) 258-5730.

What elements go into my perfect garage?

Start with the floor…  our 3-step flooring process is beautiful and durable.  You have a choice of color, texture, and look.  Customize your garage floor to coordinate with your new cabinets and storage walls.

Prepare the area…  Our team can remove old cabinets and help you move things out of the way in preparation for your upgraded garage. Ask your designer about updating your existing garage layout. 

Next, storage…  Choose from our premium cabinet range available in five beautiful colors.  Upper cabinets come in 24” and 36” wide styles.  Base cabinets with doors come in 24” and 36” wide and drawers are available in 36” wide.  Lower cabinets can be mounted with legs or “floating” on the wall. Alternatively, fit out your garage your way with our fully customizable Monterey line – A hand-built, 100% customized solution available in your choice of color, finish, and hardware.

Finishing touches…  Choose from laminate or wood worktops.   Add wall organization – complete with accessories that hold tools, bicycles, hoses, and sporting equipment.  Finish the job with ceiling-mounted storage.  

Share your ideas with the designer during the consultation.  We have options that will make your garage an enjoyable and functional space.

How long does the design appointment take?

It depends on the complexity of the design. The designer will listen to your project plans and offer guidance and suggestions where needed. From there, the designer will prepare your new garage design on our innovative software. Once done, you can see the new design right in front of you and make any changes on the spot!

What does your designer need for the design appointment?

We’ll need access to your garage.  Please move your cars out so we’ll be able to see the space and get around for accurate measurements.  Bring your creative ideas:  What is the ideal purpose of your garage? Are you looking for better organization or a more functional space for hobbies or the kids? What colors do you want for cabinets and flooring, perhaps something that goes with the rest of your home? Do you also need overhead racks?  Can we offer suggestions on tool and sporting equipment storage?

How do I make a change to my design?

Your designer has stored the measurements and design elements of your garage upgrade.  If you want to make a change, add more cabinets or update anything prior to installation – please reach out to our customer care team as soon as you can.  We’ll update your estimate and send you a new plan for approval.  

Epoxy Flooring

What type of floors do you provide?

We offer ‘epoxy’ flooring and as well as a rubber ultra durable tile system.

Our ‘epoxy’ flooring is actually an epoxy base and polyaspartic topcoat. By using a polyaspartic topcoat we can offer a much more durable product with a ‘wet look’ finish. Normally, people use epoxy for both the base and topcoat. While this offers a short-term solution, it is not designed to last in the garage environment.

Our Polyaspartic floor coating is a hybrid material that resembles polyurethane. It is known for its corrosion-resistant properties, quick drying times, and limited gas emissions after application. This type of floor is often used in laboratories, restaurants, and showrooms.  The coating usually has a clear, glossy finish. Adding color chips to the mixture creates a bold and versatile look and creates a non-slip texture.

The three-step process usually takes two to three days and includes a thorough preparation, base coat, a layer of colored flakes, and a topcoat.  If your concrete shows signs of moisture, an additional sealant may be required.

What preparation is done for an Epoxy Floor?

Our flooring teams are craftsmen and treat every new floor as such. Where other companies will have a ‘prep’ crew who can prepare 8 floors per day – Our preparation takes a complete day because we complete a thorough and detailed job. This extra time and care spent on preperation show through in the look & durability of our finished product.

The floor crew will start with the empty garage. They will diamond grind the cement to clean and likely scratch the surface to ensure a tight bond with the epoxy base coat.

Next, they will hand grind any stem walls and tight corners and check for any defects in your cement. Any issues are repaired before the epoxy base coat is applied to avoid any future imperfections in your new garage floor.

Because of the intensive preparation period, please ensure that EVERYTHING is moved from the garage ahead of time.

How long does Epoxy flooring take to install?

Flooring installation can take 2-3 days for our professional installers to prepare and pour your new epoxy floor.

If you have an older house, expect the process to take 3 days as a water barrier needs to be added – This isn’t the case for newer homes with an existing water barrier.

What is the curing time for Epoxy floors once installed?

There are variations based on your location and size of pour – the general rule is 1 week to complete cure. However, the floors can generally be walked on after 12 hours and driven on after a few days.

Are there different colors and styles available?

We have over 100. Ask your designer!

What time will the flooring crew arrive?

The flooring crew have a large job in front of them – preparing and pouring your new floor. You can expect them to arrive around 9:00 am on each of the two/three days of your flooring install. This is an estimated arrival time!

My garage is freshly painted. Will flooring affect the paint?

Our flooring team will take care of your garage as you place it in our hands. Our installers use an industrial vacuum attached to the grinder to ensure a virtually dust free process. 

When can I move my stuff back in after flooring?

Our floors take about a week to fully cure.  You can walk, park, and play in your garage after a couple of days.  Be careful placing very heavy items or dragging anything across the surface of your new floor until it is fully cured.

Can I change my floor color after I sign?

We need to order materials for your floor installation, so please give us at least one week’s notice if you change your mind about color.  We’ll be happy to accommodate.

What is the difference between epoxy flooring and polyaspartic?

When you hear about polyaspartic flooring, what they are talking about is just the topcoat of the floor. A normal flooring will have 3-4 coats depending on the installer. A primer, a base coat, colored flakes, and a topcoat. Most vendors will use an epoxy base coat and topcoat because of the low cost. However, an epoxy topcoat is too soft for the typical garage environment. Each of our floors has a primer, epoxy base coat, colored flakes, and a polyaspartic topcoat.

Polyaspartic is more durable than epoxy and is the main reason we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on our floors.

I need help moving items from my garage. Is that something you can help with?

We offer services for demolition, junk removal, and loading/unloading storage boxes. Ask your designer!

Garage Cabinets

How long does the cabinet install take?

Our cabinets can be installed in 1 – 2 day – based on the size and complexity of the installation. 

How do I prepare for my cabinet installation?

Usually a completely clear garage allows for the quickest install. However, we know that isnt always realistic so we ask that just the walls and surrounding floor area are clear. Our team needs access from your driveway or the street to the walls we are hanging the cabinets on. 

Can you help me get my garage ready for cabinets?

We offer services for demolition, junk removal, and loading/unloading storage boxes. Ask your designer!

When will the crew arrive?

Our arrival window is typically 8AM to 10AM, unless we’ve notified you otherwise. 

Can I get cabinets in custom sizes?

Yes, we can make cabinets that are deeper/shallower or wider/narrower than our standard sizes.  We also have custom wood selections in colored and wood-grain patterns.  Our master cabinet-makers can help you create exactly the look you’re after.

Can I add more cabinets on the day of installation?

Yes! Obviously they’ll take some time to produce (we make everything to order) – but once we’ve made them we’d be happy to come out and install them!

How much weight do cabinets support?

Each cabinet holds up to 150 pounds per shelf.

Can I move around shelves in a cabinet?

Yes, our cabinets come with pre-drilled holes and shelf pegs.  Most shelves can be adjusted to different heights.  Our larger cabinets come with a fixed shelf in the middle which is not adjustable after install. Please let our team know if you are planning to use your cabinets for tall cabinets so we can manufacture and install them accordingly.

What if I need to add more shelves?

Please contact our support team at support@garageexcell.com. We can provide additional shelves and pegs for any of our cabinets – even custom sizes.  

Are the cabinets water resistant?

Our cabinets are made with a combination of PB and MDF. They are sealed with a PVC laminate that  protects the wood. Because moisture is common in garages, especially at the ground level, we typically wall mount the cabinets.  

We offer a 10-year limited manufacturing warranty on our cabinets for your peace of mind.

What are the cabinets made out of?

Ultra high quality melamine. 


How do I care for my cabinets?

Your cabinets need very little maintenance.  You can dust them with a microfiber cloth or wipe them with a damp rag.  They don’t need anything else!

Slatwall and Accessories

What storage wall sizes are available?

Our installers can customize the slatwalls to meet your 3D design. From small gaps to covering entire walls, slatwalls can be used to utilize any space.  Sheets are 12” tall and come in lengths up to 8 feet long.

How much weight does the storage wall support?

Slatwall can support up to 100 pounds per foot per panel.  Each panel is screwed directly into your garage’s wood studs, which makes them very sturdy. The accessories are made from forged steel coated with a light polymer to be able to support your biggest tools yet not mark or scratch them.

Can you install ceiling storage?

Yes! Ask your designer.