Top 10 Things Stored in the Garage

Garages are an asset for homeowners. Gone are the days when they were used only to store automobiles for protection from outdoor elements. Garages now present people with extra storage space to keep a whole lot of their other possessions along with the car. Various garage storage solutions like cabinets, drawers, shelves, racks, pegboards, and Slatwall have made it easier to keep a variety of objects neatly tucked away, making the place look clutter-free and organized.

In this article, we discuss the top 10 things, apart from the car, that seems to end up in the garage for most households:

Car supplies

The prime objective of the garage is to provide car parking space and protect it from outdoor elements. It is only logical to keep all the car supplies close to the place where it stays most of the time. Properly store useful car-related items, like wiper fluid, tire inflators, roof racks, spare tire, and motor oil in the garage. Also, keep things that you often carry in the car for easy access.

Gardening tools

The garage is a perfect spot to keep the different yard and gardening tools, used only outdoors. People with a garden or landscape require a variety of things to maintain it. Storing them inside the house is inconvenient as it will require you to carry them outside every time they are needed. Items like a garden hose, shovels, brooms, rakes, potting soil, flower pots, lawnmowers, extension cords, weed whackers, manure, and fertilizers are best stored in the garage.

Equipment for outdoor recreation

Things essential for outdoor recreation like bicycles, bikes, basketballs, camping equipment, fishing boats, pool accessories, helmets, patio furniture, rackets often make their way into the garage. Keeping them there offers protection from rain, sun, and snow damage and saves space inside the home. Also, it makes them easily accessible whenever you wish to go out. 


Children’s toys, including dollhouses, pool toys, and other gears, are often stored in the garage. Whether old or new, indoor or outdoor, toys, when not in use, are kept in transparent plastic bags and stored safely in cabinets or drawers.

Exercise gears

Fitness freaks with multiple exercise gears and equipment find the garage a convenient storage place as they take up a lot of space when kept inside the home. Jumping ropes, yoga mats, dumbbells, weight bench, kettlebell, and other things remain handy in the garage for anytime usage. 


Suitcases, travel bags, and other luggage pieces take valuable cabinet space when stored inside the house. These things are not used frequently, and the garage offers a convenient space to keep them and free-up the internal storage.

Cleaning solutions

Hazardous chemicals and cleaning solutions like bleach, furniture polish, paint cans, glass cleaners, solvents, and drain and toilet cleaner when kept under the kitchen or bathroom always pose a risk. Keeping them within the reach of kids and pets is dangerous. People prefer to move these items in the garage and use safety cabinets with locks to store them carefully out of the way. 

Workshop Tools

Every home has various tools like a nail gun, pliers, nails, screwdriver, measuring tape, screws, plumbing snake, dusters, and a wrench. The garage offers an ideal space for not automobile tools but also other common household tools. 

Newspapers, books, and magazines

Garages also store books, files, important papers, magazines, and old newspapers safely in the cabinets or shelves. 

Seldom-used household items

People find garages the best place to store rarely-used items or things they eventually plan to retire or donate. Christmas decorations, holiday lights, and other stuff used once or twice a year find a suitable spot in the garage. 

A garage has the potential to store a host of things to free up the cabinet and closet space in the house. Packing and storing them in the garage keeps them protected as well as easily accessible. 

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