Organize And Remodel Garage

Does your garage look more like a dreary, neglected dumping ground than a garage? Or is it so disoriented that it would make a perfect scene for a horror movie? Maybe you have tried to follow an online guide to organize your garage, but after a couple months its back to square one and it has become the same, somewhat disorganized space where you can’t find anything you are looking for, and there’s the usual trouble fitting your car in.

This is exactly why Garage Excell has created this quick, easy-to-follow guide for organizing and remodeling your Beverly Hills garage storage into a bright and cheerful space.

4-Step Guide How to Organize And Remodel Garage

Step 1: Plan in advance

Many researchers have agreed upon the fact that planning in advance can increase the chances of getting things done quickly and effectively.

It’s best to plan in advance how you want your garage to look: should it resemble the ones you may have seen in Santa Monica with stylish custom garage cabinets or like a neighbor’s garage in Beverly Hills with smart and functional garage storage. Define early on how things can be arranged, which materials need to be used and where they can be kept.

You might want to include the use of wood garage cabinets, or DIY garage cabinets, slatwalls, bins and boxes. If there are many items and materials that cannot be hanged, make a garage storage plan, and also figure out how you are going to organize the materials.

Step 2: Set things into action at once

Once you are done with planning, set the idea into motion. Here are some actionable tips for practical and aesthetically appealing garage remodeling in Beverly Hills.

#De-clutter the space 

First things first, de-clutter. Start de-cluttering your counter, shelves, and garage storage cabinets one by one. Don’t pileup all things together which might create more chaos. When you take out the first part of the stored items, arrange them according to their types such as – gardening tools, car repair tools, sports equipment, seasonal items (like skating shoes, scuba fins, ice hockey sticks), kid’s recreational items, home décor items, paints, and such.

When you take out the second part of stored items to de-clutter, arrange them on the ground like you did previously. Keep a recycling bag labeled for bio-degradable/non-biodegradable items. You can even throw away all those not so useful/damaged items according to their recycling categories!

#se garage storage systems 

Now the next question that might come to your mind is how are you supposed to arrange all this stuff in a small garage? Well, let us find out!

Garage storage cabinets are life savers in garage organization. Not only do they help save up space, they also give your garage a clean compact look. Remodel your garage by assigning each cabinet with each category of items that you have organized while de-cluttering. This helps you to find any material easily without any hassle.

There is a huge range of garage cabinets you can choose from, such as modular, melamine, or wood garage cabinets, overhead cabinets, and garage wall cabinets. They come with eclectic choices for color, style, and design. What’s even better is that you can order a garage cabinet plan that is customized according to your style and need with us at Garage Excell, a place where you get the best garage storage cabinets in Santa Monica.

#Make use of labels 

Labels help you a lot in the longer run when you are looking for a particular item in a space that holdsa variety of things at once. Just like you arranged your garage items one by one while de-cluttering, use labels according to that category.

For example – ‘home décor items’, ‘car repair’, ‘gardening equipment’, ‘Christmas décor’, ‘old clothes’, ‘old toys/books’, ‘sharp items’, ‘gym items’ and so on. A useful tip would be to make small sized label titles along and color coding like red colored labels for important/hazardous storage items, blue colored labels for kids, etc.

#Have slatwalls 

Just like Beverly Hills garage storage cabinets, slatwalls play an important role in remodeling your old garage. The typical 4ft by 8ft slatwall panels with horizontal grooves are useful in storing large items that do not fit well in cabinets, or the ones that take up a lot of space.

Fix cute hangers (for an aesthetic look) onto the grooves, and they can be used to hang larger items such as snowboards, surfboards, jumping ropes, garden hose, pipes, spade, trowel, rake, ladders, and similar large items. It saves up a lot of space, as it also gives your garage a clean and neat look. You can also try hanging small accessories in between for decorating purposes.

Step 3: Invest in a car lift

If your garage has more vertical space than horizontal, step up your game of an ideal Los Angeles garage by using car lifts. Car lifts are an effective way to use the usually unused vertical space of a garage. It can help you accommodate your other cars or bike(s).

Investing in an effective car lift is better than leaving your other vehicles outside where it is prone to damages caused by hurricanes, snowfall, scorching heat, bird droppings, tree saps, and more importantly the danger of theft.

Step 4: Aesthetics matter

Any well-organized space may not always look aesthetically attractive although it does make your life definitely easier. But what if you want to get your garage space organized with a more aesthetic appeal to it? You can certainly do it with our services.

Epoxy garage flooring, light pastel colored slatwalls, and custom garage cabinets can help you to create that stunning garage storage you always wanted. Science says that polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coating is even better than regular epoxy garage floors. You can call in professionals who will make your very own customized epoxy floor design that will match the walls of your garage, and give an overall clean, classy, desirable look.

For Beverly Hills custom garage cabinets, call Garage Excell! 

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