Slat Wall Organization

Slat wall organization is an excellent way to organize your garage of office.  Request your free 3-D design and quote!

1. Easy to clean

Slat wall systems are water resistant and easy to clean.  You can clean your slat wall with a damp cloth and it will look like new.  It’s important to have an easy to clean surface as garage environments can be dusty.

2. Can be installed on a variety of surfaces

Slat wall systems can by installed over a variety of surfaces including drywall, wood and cement.  It can be installed in basements which often have concrete walls, or over drywall and wood.

3.  Resistant to flames

Our slat wall systems are flame resistant which is important in a garage environment.  You will fee secure knowing that your slat wall system is resistant to sparks and flames that commonly can be found in a garage environment.

4. Can hold up to 100 pounds

Our hooks can hold up to 100 pound per hook.  Unlike wood slat wall systems, our hooks can hold heavy duty items.  You can easily hang bikes, sporting equipment, hoses, tools and more.

5. Make to last

Our slat wall systems are very durable and manufactured to last.  Our slat wall systems retain their strength and resist deterioration over time.

Slat Wall Organization