tall garage cabinets

Tall Garage Cabinets with Workbench

A recently completed job in Del Mar San Diego. The customer wanted tall garage cabinets along with a workspace. To complete their storage needs, overhead hanging cabinets were added in the back wall of the garage.

Prior to the install of the garage cabinets, epoxy flooring was added and left for 7 days to properly cure.

The tall garage cabinets come in multiple colors and with or without legs. Many people like to remove the legs and mount the cabinets on the walls, depending on the load-bearing capacity of your garage walls, this may or may not be possible. However, it does allow for a crisp look and easy clean garage cleaning.

Maximising usable garage storage space is a common goal, this was achieved for this client by utilizing hang cabinets on the back wall. This way, storage can be added without taking away the parking space for the 2 cars.

On the other sidewall, there is limited space for cabinets in the garage. Instead, we added our ‘slatwall’ wall storage system. This is great to organize sports equipment and common tools.

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