23Feb 2016
epoxy floor coating

Granitex Flooring Decorative Color Chip Systems… …offer the advantages of a tough, easy-to-clean flooring surface. Granitex Flooring offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Chips come in different sizes of solid and color chip blends. Larger chips are used to create the look of terrazzo or granite while smaller chips can create a hard surface […]

14Feb 2016
Garage Organization

Slat Wall Organization Slat wall organization is an excellent way to organize your garage of office.  Request your free 3-D design and quote! 1. Easy to clean Slat wall systems are water resistant and easy to clean.  You can clean your slat wall with a damp cloth and it will look like new.  It’s important […]

06Mar 2015
Racing Tile Floor

San Diego Epoxy Floors for Your Garage You might have never thought about getting an epoxy garage floor coating, but there are several reasons why it’s a great idea! An epoxy coating seals the cement floor surface giving You a functional and clean environment. Easy to care for and maintain. Our four step process creates […]

24Feb 2015
Garage Cabinets

We know that sometimes the idea of cleaning and organizing your garage automatically means STRESS! Here at Garage Excell, we offer San Diego and surrounding areas with great garage organization through our custom cabinets, slat walls, and more. If you’re looking for a few quick fixes, here are 3 simple tips to get you started. […]

20Feb 2015
Epoxy Coated Floors

Here at Garage Excell, we don’t just offer a few colors for your epoxy floors. We have tons of different colors and styles to choose from! We have your basic black and white, but we even have pink and yellow and blue. This allows for the most individual and unique garages possible. Garage Excell provides […]

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