We know your garage is cluttered. If you’re a homeowner you know that garages tend to be the home of all of our junk. Oh, and our cars! Here are some great ideas to get organized FAST.

  1. Magnetic Tool Holder










All it takes is a piece of wood and some magnets and BAM! You have a great way to store your tools without digging through a drawer. (Photo Source: BHG)

  1. Repurposed Paper Towel Holder










Instead of having your garage bags in a box or worse in a pile on a shelf, put a paper towel holder in your garage to hold your bags! Why didn’t we think of that?? (Photo Source: Uploaded To Pinterest)

  1. Tin Can Wall Storage










Recycled tin cans can be used to store items that normally are lost somewhere. If you’re feeling creative, you can even decorate the tin can! (Photo Source & Other Ideas: hi Sugarplum)

  1. Bungee Cord Ball Storage










Are those balls in your garage just falling off the shelves?! Here’s a great an easy way to store them: bungee cords! Use as many as you need to keep those suckers in their place. (Photo Source & Instructions: Designed To Dwell)

  1. Repurposed Hanging Shoe Rack









These little compartments are just perfect for the garage. You can store your “outdoor” shoes, cords, spray paint, and any other items that get lost in all the clutter. (Photo Source & Other Ideas: hi Sugarplum)

These are just a couple tips to organizing your garage. Sometimes just a temporary organization can help the craziness of the garage. Take advantage of our slat wall organization to get your garage SUPER organized. Call us today!